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4 easy tips to fix a scratched CD or DVD

4 easy tips to fix a scratched CD or DVD
4 easy tips to fix a scratched CD or DVD

In this article, I will show you four little-known tips to fix a scratched CD or DVD and get data back from it. Every user has had problems with a scratched CD or DVD. The theory is as follows: A CD / DVD player or player uses a laser beam to read data from the disc. This laser beam passes through the protective plastic layer and reads the actual recording metal layer. If the protective plastic layer is scratched, the laser cannot pass, resulting in an illegible disc. With data CDs, the CD / DVD player cannot read the CD / DVD properly, which leads to reading errors, while with audio / video discs the CD player skips during playback.

If we somehow manage to smooth this protective layer, the data will be reached by the laser and read. Now there are many ways to accomplish this with common household items as explained below. ::

one). Toothpaste - Yes! Toothpaste is our first scratched CD / DVD fixer. You can use any gel-free toothpaste for this. Just put a very small amount on the scratched area and sometimes gently buff it with a cotton swab. The paste can create new small scratches, but they are only superficial. Now just wash the CD with water.

of them). If the above trick doesn't work, try a metallic polish like Brasso, gently rub it off with a soft cotton ball, then apply petroleum jelly.

3). Baking Soda: Make a small amount of baking soda and apply it with a soft cotton cloth to buff the scratch. Clean the baking soda before using the disc.

4). You can also try using a little oil as a polish, it works a few times too.

There are many everyday products that the CD will work with. Just keep experimenting. Please note that you need to be careful when using the tips above.

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