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4 tips for a rewarding experience hiring other people

4 tips for a rewarding experience hiring other people
4 tips for a rewarding experience hiring other people

Hiring an employee is often  an enormous  step  for several  small business owners. This means the end of doing EVERYTHING yourself and skipping some of the work!

To make the experience a rewarding one for you and your employees, there are a few things that every boss and leader should do ...

1) Reward people for a job well done. It is frustrating to work for someone who has the financial rewards of the efforts of the entire team, especially if they don't realize what everyone has achieved and contributed.

It doesn't take much to see your employees' efforts. Taking a few minutes to get to know your team makes a big difference in the work atmosphere. People want to know that they did a good job.

2) Always strike a balance between positive and negative feedback. Your job as a leader is to recognize the talents of your fellow human beings and nurture them with the motivation and positive energy necessary to take YOUR ideas to a new level. Help them serve you better by building their trust ... not by destroying them.

3) Take responsibility for your projects. If things don't go as planned, I believe the responsibility rests with the leader. Stand up and take responsibility when something goes wrong.

If your employees are still carrying the burden of projects that go wrong, people will be dragged down and their work environment destroyed. Start contributing to the emotional bank accounts of those around you.

When you realize the behavior you want to see more of, you will see more. Be positive and take responsibility when things don't go as planned.

4) When you have good people, it is your responsibility as a leader to keep them. Talented people will take your business to a new level, but if they keep dating, your business growth will be limited.

Qualified people know they have options. Hanging the carrot on a potentially large paycheck only works for some time. After a while, it disappears and they start looking elsewhere. The last thing you want is for them to finish your competition.

So the moral of the story is to find good people, train them, treat them well, and your business will improve.

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