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4 tips to save any homeowner money

4 tips to save any homeowner money
4 tips to save any homeowner money

Lose weight. Find a new job. Spend more time with family. A new year means setting new goals. Why not save money?

If you are a homeowner there are many ways you can cut costs and still live comfortably. The following tips will help you achieve financial success.

* First, create a budget. Calculate exactly how much you will spend on maintaining your home. Compare each month's spend against the previous month's to get a better idea of ​​how much to budget for each need. Then you will see what costs you can reduce. If you're on a budget, stick with it.

* Save energy. In winter and summer, you can lose a significant amount of energy due to air leaks. By caulking, sealing, and sealing all cracks and openings, you can save 10% or more on your energy costs.

Also, consider replacing older devices with newer, more energy-efficient alternatives. Your lightbulbs can make a difference too. Fluorescent lamps are four times more energy-efficient than incandescent lamps.

* Refinancing. See if you can replace your existing home loan with a lower interest rate. You can easily save hundreds of dollars a month by refinancing your home.

* Buy a home guarantee. Most homeowners do not include potential repairs in their annual budget. There is a 68% chance that a home appliance or system will fail in any given year. The average replacement cost for any one of these systems or devices is $ 1,085. A residential guarantee is your best protection against unexpected and costly repairs to electrical appliances and mechanical systems in your home.

The American Home Shield Home Guarantee, for example, guarantees you the best possible service through the company's network of pre-qualified technicians. Once something breaks, you can contact American Home Shield and a local service technician will make an appointment based on your schedule. The warranty covers a wide variety of household appliances and systems, regardless of their age.

American Home Shield's Residential Guarantee is a one-year contract that does not require a home inspection to register. There are several affordable plans to suit all budgets.

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