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5 travel tips for diabetes

5 travel tips for diabetes
5 travel tips for diabetes

Planning while traveling reduces stress. This is especially important for a diabetic. These 5 Diabetes Travel Tips are easy to implement and essential to any diabetes management. They are especially important when you travel abroad.

1) Get a pre-trip check. Check your A1C blood sugar. His blood pressure and cholesterol are good. Get the right vaccines for the country you plan to visit.

2) Wear a diabetes medical ID. Ideally, it should be in the language spoken in the country you are visiting. Not everyone speaks your language and you don't want medical problems due to misunderstandings.

3) Keep your medication and glucose snacks in your carry-on bag. Unfortunately, checked baggage is lost. Don't risk your diabetes medication by putting it in your primary bag.

4) Keep your medicine in the original packaging with the labels from the pharmacy. You avoid misunderstandings about why you are carrying medication and, when using insulin, syringes.

5) Be on the lookout for time zone changes, especially when changing your watch. Remember that traveling east will shorten your day. Traveling west will make your day longer. You may need to change your medication plans.

Traveling doesn't have to be traumatic. A shrewd attitude and a little planning before the trip can help.

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